About myWarra.com

How was mywarra.com created?

How it began…

Gannawarra Shire youth received a boost thanks to a VicHealth grant that aims to connect councils, communities and young people.

Titled ‘Wired into the Warra’ the new project received funding for 12 months through VicHealth’s Bright Futures for Young Victorians Challenge.

The project concept was a virtual youth space; after Gannawarra Shire Youth Council members investigated the creation of the physical youth space in 2015 they decided that it may not be well attended due to a number of factors including limited transport options between towns.

Youth Council’s wish with this project was to create a virtual space, creating access to information and connection for young people.

Vic Health provided more than $400,000 in grants to 12 councils to support the resilience, social connection within their communities.

The aim of the project from the start was to be co-designed and co-delivered by young people, including an opportunity for young people to participant in a short term internship.

The website once up and running will be a virtual space for young people in the area that will have access to information about job opportunities, access to local and online support, events, community engagement and homework support.

How it was created…

Gannawarra Shire Council gave the opportunity for local young people to undertake an internship that was run throughout January 2017.

The interns were provided with the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge in a range of areas such as project planning, webpage development and design, coding, community engagement and marketing.

Over five days a working group of young people collaborated through an internship to design, develop and implement this virtual group of young people collaborated through an internship to design, develop and implement this virtual online youth space, names ‘MyWarra.com’

The interns worked with professionals from Chops for Tea and Green Graphics on a range of topics including design and branding, naming, IP and copyright servers, domains, social media, promotion, visioning and the future management of the website.

Thanks to a $50,000 VicHealth grant, Gannawarra Shire Council were able to work with talented young people from across the municipality to create a virtual platform.

Ten local young people successfully completed an intern experience with Gannawarra Shire Council creating an online web space for local youth.

My Warra…

MyWarra was co-designed and co-delivered by local young people and is now a virtual space for young people.

MyWarra is monitored and run by Gannawarra Shire Council in partnership with Northern District Community Health, on numerous pages the website allows engagement with young people via submitting their ideas or content to the website.

Gannawarra Shire Council would like to thank VicHealth for the opportunity to create mywarra.com