Skills & Employment

Finding a job can be hard and the interview process can seem daunting. We've put together some advice to help you locate, prepare for and GET a job!


We interviewed local businesses to find out what they are looking for in a prospective staff member.

Here are the Top 5 Tips from the employers themselves!

1. Do not get your mum to ask about work for you and especially don’t bring them to a job interview!

2. Do some self-reflection and ask yourself – do I want to work?  Don’t waste your or the employer’s time if you will not be available for shifts due to personal commitments like weekend sport.

3. Be willing to show initiative – your genuine desire to work will be noticed and remembered.

4. Do not show up for an interview in ripped jeans or shabby clothing. This may not necessarily reflect your ability to do a job but appearance will be taken into consideration.

5. Remember that references and social media accounts like Instagram will be checked. Take this into account and potentially make changes before applying for a job.