Local Learning and Employment Networks

LLENs aim to improve the education, training and employment outcomes of young people, 10 – 19 years old.  They have a particular focus on young people at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged, from education and training and are not in meaningful employment.
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In Gannawarra we have two LLENs to support youth in our region – Campaspe/Cohuna (Echuca) and  Murray Mallee (Swan Hill).  Use the links and documents below to find out more about the services they offer.

MMLLEN’s Top 10 Web Guide

This is a list of websites for anyone looking for information on career pathways, education or training options and employment.

MMLLEN’s School Leavers Guide

This School Leavers Guide is here to help you navigate your way through some of those daunting questions, such as:
– What are my options after leaving school?
– What is an apprenticeship?
– Where do I start?
– How do I apply for a job?
– How do I work out what I want to do!

Realise that you are not alone. There are many services in your local area that are willing to guide and help you make the right decisions for your future. But, before you leave or finish school it’s a great idea to talk it through with your school’s career teacher or other supportive staff members for more advice and support.