Substances…use or abuse?

There are many substances which are both legal and illegal. Know the effects of what you are using or thinking of using.
Why do you want to use substances? Where and how you can get help?
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Alcohol and Drug Foundation

Australia’s leading organisation committed to preventing alcohol and other drug harms in our communities.

Provides easy access to information about prevention of alcohol and other drug harms, through publications, a resource centre and seminars.

Understand your risks as a young person at;

Get the facts:



National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre

Provides information to you about your options and real stories from young people who have used substances.




National Drugs Campaign

Information for young people about different illicit drugs.

  • How to make your own choices
  • Avoid situations where you may become exposed to drugs
  • How drug use can impact your life
  • How to support your friends.

Resources to other websites, counselling services and support networks.

Clear Your Vision

Real stories from young people who overcome their drug use.



Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) is a leading youth health not-for-profit agency that enables young people experiencing serious disadvantage to access the resources and support they require to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

At YSAS, we engage, support and strengthen highly vulnerable and high-risk young Victorians affected by, or at risk of being affected by, alcohol, drugs, mental health issues and social disconnection.  We do this by developing non-judgemental, caring and respectful relationships with young people and their families and communities. With more than 330 skilled staff, YSAS provides a range of integrated services across 12 sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria.


Counselling Online

Counselling Online offers online text-based counselling to alcohol and other drug users, and others affected by alcohol and drug use in the community, including family members, relatives and friends.

The site also has a Self Help program, which aims to help individuals identify how motivated they feel, help set goals, identify what’s important, and help develop a plan to address aspects of their life that have been affected by their drinking or drug use.