1800 My Options is a new helpline for Victorian women seeking timely and trusted information on sexual and reproductive health issues. The helpline will provide Victorians with sexual and reproductive health information, and direct them to clinical services such as contraception, pharmacy services, counselling support, termination providers and a range of other services.

The phone line is free and confidential, with highly-trained, experienced and sensitive staff who have extensive knowledge in sexual and reproductive health issues.

In addition to the new phone line, there is also new women’s reproductive health information on the Better Health Channel. It provides comprehensive, evidence-based information about women’s sexual and reproductive health.

To access 1800 My Options call 1800 696 784 and for more health information visit


Family Planning Victoria Supporting people to make decisions about their reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing.

Major themes include sexual diversity, talking about sex, people with disability, pregnancy fact sheets, Sex and the Law, Abortion, Contraception, STI’s and BBV facts and FPV Clinics.


Jean Hailes is a leader in women’s health. We believe in physical and emotional health and wellbeing for all women in Australia throughout their lives.
Contraception options – Jean Hailes
Health tips and myths about your contraceptive options


Contraceptive Choices –  Better Health

  • You can discuss your contraception options with a GP or reproductive health nurse. Different methods may suit you at different times in your life.
  • Methods of contraception that are available include: barrier methods, pills and vaginal rings, intrauterine devices (IUDs), implants and injections, sterilisation, emergency contraception and natural methods.
  • Condoms provide the best available protection against sexually transmissible infections (STIs).


Mind the Bump is a Mindfulness Meditation App to help individuals and couples support their mental and emotional wellbeing in preparation for having a baby


Baby Steps is for dads as well as mums
Adjusting to life with your new baby is exciting, but also challenging.
Most websites and services are mainly for mums but the adjustment is just as big for dads as it is for mums.  Baby Steps is relevant for both parents.
Baby Steps was written for parents having their first baby, but can be used by anyone with a young baby who wants to learn more about caring for their baby or themselves.


Pregnancy, Birth and Baby provides support and information for expecting parents and parents of children, from birth to 5 years of age.
It’s free, non-judgemental emotional support and reassurance. As well as guidance on children’s growth, behaviour and development and can refer parents to local services.


Curve Lurve is the McGrath Foundation’s education initiative, aimed at increasing breast awareness in young Australians, with a particular emphasis on young women.

Being breast aware means regularly checking your breasts so you know what’s normal for you – and seeking advice from your GP if you notice changes

If you believe you are pregnant, book an appointment with a GP to check and confirm your pregnancy.

If you are looking for contraceptive options see some suggestions below and you can discuss your contraception options with a GP or reproductive health nurse. Different methods may suit you at different times in your life.