Life Skills

Heading out into the 'Real World'? Here's some tips and instructions on how to perform some everyday tasks.

Changing a Tyre

In the instance that you don’t have roadside assistance coverage in your car insurance, you may need to know how to change a flat tyre.

Here’s both an instructional video and detailed (but easy to follow) article about how to change tyres safely.

In addition, here’s an article outlying what you need to ask when buying new tyres by the RACV.


Although some of us don’t mind rocking a mop with music blasting, housework is a necessary evil. It needs to be done for your health and well-being if nothing else.

We have found an article that does not insist on military precision for a housework routine, but instead sets out a ’30-Day Cleaning Checklist’ as well as some advice about how to complete each of these tasks.  It could be a good place to start!


It is super easy to access recipes online but you may also like to watch some instructional videos on knife skills and starter tips as a lot of accidents can happen in the kitchen.

Here are some websites and videos that we love to get you started!

Don’t forget – both instructional and recipe books are available to borrow from the Gannawarra Library Service!

Bon Appétit!


So it turns out you don’t know how to do laundry – you’ve been very lucky to have someone do it for you up until this point.

You do need to put a bit of thought into your wash days, as separating whites and colours and knowing whether an item should be hand washed is very important, but these elements and others are quickly learnt. Here’s some advice to get you started.