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There’s already so much to love about ‘headspace’ and when you have a location nearby in Swan Hill, it’s a good chance to talk about their services and how you can connect.

In addition to general advice on the site, you can create a free account to personalise your experience.  Resources are tailored to 4 demographics:

  • A young person

  • A family or friend supporting a young person

  • A health professional

  • An educator

Once signed in, the headspace world is your oyster. You can join group chats, build a mental health toolkit, connect with clinicians and talk about work and study as well as identifying subjects you would like to learn more about – perhaps anxiety, LGBTIQA+, job interviews and relationship breakups to name a few.

headspace is a confidential & FREE service where young people aged 12-25 can access a range of services. They offer a mixture of in-person catch-ups and phone and videocall services so that young people can access the supports they need.

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Gannawarra has been lucky enough to host Youthrive Victoria’s Dream Seeds® workshop and we are proud to be associated with this amazing organisation!

Youthrive Victoria want all young rural people to have great lives.  Its mission is to collaborate with partners, donors, communities and alumni in delivering services to young rural Victorians that assist them to develop their personal, professional and leadership capacities.

Visit their site to learn about their story, scholarship opportunities and the new Rural Youth Network.

The Rural Youth Network is a site dedicated to the many young people who are trying to effectively study or work online during this time.  It includes:

  • A Resource Hub – to access useful resources about working from home, learning online, maintaining social connection in a virtual world and more!

  • Learning Community – share tips, tricks, ask questions and support one another in the transition to online learning and study.

  • Leadership Learning Zone – access the community of amazing young rural leaders and hear what they have to say about leadership, learn new ways to become a stronger leader in your community and share your leadership tips and inspiration with others.

  • Motivation & Wellbeing Central – create a community, stay connected with other young rural Victorians daily and share support, what you are doing and help keep yourself and others motivated.

We love organisations that promote brilliantly positive messages!

From mental health to safe sex, life-skills, body image and social pressures, The Big Sister Experience isn’t afraid to get deep into real-life issues that are affecting our teen and pre-teen girls today. 

The Big Sister Experience is on a mission to empower the girls of today through self-confidence and self-love to become the confident, resilient and empowered young women of tomorrow and extended their work to include mother-daughter and father-daughter events and parent workshops.

Connect to their site here.

Now with a permanent Goldfields location, this non-for profit organisation supports youth at risk of falling into the justice system and disengagement from the education system. They also provide support to youth who are struggling with access to mental health and NDIS support services.

The services are free and are provided primarily via Teams/Zoom.

A Youth Patrol Hotline is also accessible, with hours extending on occasion to midnight.  Phone 03 4440 61000

Services include:
• Counselling (free via teams/zoom or by phone: in person also via appointment)
• Case Management
• Advocacy (youth, mental health, Disability, Youth Justice)
• Linkage and supports
• Helping to re-engage into the education system
• Service linkage and referrals
• Disability supports
• Anger Management
• Youth drop in support
• Outreach Support services
• NDIS Access supports
• Group Programs and Group Therapy
• Supporting youth at risk of criminal justice issues

See the website for more details.